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Monday, January 26, 2009

Amusing Interactive Obedient Dog ( Your Internet Pet Dog)

This is a wonderful site program that kids and adults will surely love. I was really amazed. It was fun and enjoyable seeing this smart dog obeys every command I tell him. Something really worth sharing with. Check the link below now.

I Do Dog Tricks-Your Smart Internet Dog.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Choosing your best dog breed.

Many have asked me which breed of dog is the best; I would say it depends on the kind of dog that would suit your preferences, environment, and lifestyle. If you are the type of person who lives in a city, and works eight hours a day, you may not find ample time to walk a pet, therefore a low energy dog that can adapt to a long daily stretch of separation by sleeping the day away, but then spend time with you when you get home in the evening is best recommended. An example of a dog suited for such situation is a Basset Hound.

Every breed has something special that attracts its followers. But still most people talk about the same thing in describing the qualities they get from a dog they consider best. Among these qualities are dogs that are Affectionate, Loyal, Loving, Intelligent and Obedient, Protective, Friendly, Good House Dog, Good Looking & Healthy and Very Remarkable. Now the question is which among the hundreds of breeds has it? Should you go for a purebred dog or a mixed breed?

A Purebred dog is descended from parents belonging to a particular breed, strain or kind over many generations without crossbreeding. Purebred dogs may have pedigrees or family trees that can be traced back for three to five generations and often more. These breed of canines is generally consistent in appearance, size and temperament. They are distinctive and expensive as well. While Purebred dogs have many wonderful attributes, they also have some disadvantages. Among them are price, availability and potential genetic health problems.

On the other hand, mixed breed dog is a combination of different canine races and genes. They are called mongrels or mutts. They are unique, a one of a kind dog. They may be the result of a cross between two known breeds or perhaps of unknown parentage. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are as smart, beautiful and loving as any purebred plus to mention the affordable price and availability. Also genetic health risks may not appear in mixed breed. Some disadvantages that a mixed breed could have are its unpredictability in terms of appearance and temperament.

It’s easy to be confused when selecting the type of dog to get. It’s like a test and you don’t want to get wrong. Choosing the right dog based on your needs as an owner is one factor to consider and so as to experience a harmonious relationship with your pet. Having the right dog based on your preferences and lifestyle will avoid problems in relating with your pet. There are too many cases of dogs being sent to shelters, or simply abandoned because owners blame their dogs for being uncooperative, going back to the example we have earlier, if a person who loves a dog yet has no time for walks chooses a pet with high energy level such as a Siberian Husky, or belongs to a working group of dogs, I bet he’ll be pissed off and blame the dog for having behavior problems. Dogs under such category will surely go nuts without exercise or work, resulting to destructive behavior such as chewing your shoes or leather sofa. So what happens is you give the dog away, and sadly some owners would even hurt their dogs if it gets worst.

People wanting specific characteristics like looks, size, coat, temperament and ability to work will most likely go for a purebred dog. While those who wish for a unique kind of dog would prefer a mixed breed. No matter what the consequences are in choosing which breed of canine to have, still it’s worth the risk.

I suggest you check the following sites below for some tips on which breed fits your personality.

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4.Top 10 Most Intelligent Breed

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dog Attack-Can it be avoided?

Everyday I walk my dogs around our village, its part of our daily routine and it’s a very good exercise not only for my dogs but for me as well. We go out twice or even thrice a day, you can say that I’m the most frequent dog walker at home. When I walk my dogs, I leashed them, just to avoid accidents, though they are better off-leash. And when at the park I set them free to socialize with other dogs and people as well. But I don’t recommend other dog handlers and owners to do the same unless their dogs are well trained and certain of their good temperaments.

At the park, we play and train, and sometimes entertain kids by giving them a short dog trick show. This is a good way of sending positive information to people who fear dogs. Not everyone likes dogs, and you can’t really blame them for feeling that way. Maybe that person had a bad experience with a canine causing trauma all through out his life. I also realized that most people were misinformed; they have the idea that dogs have rabies since birth, just like snakes with venom; of course this is so false. When I was a kid, I remember my mother telling me not to play roughly with a puppy because he has strong rabies. Perhaps that’s what my grandparents use to tell her, and that is what they want me to believe then. But unfortunately a lot of people still believe in this myth, and they have no knowledge on how to deal with dogs at all. This morning, me and my pooches came across a man, stand six feet tall, maybe weigh around 200 lbs, holding a 2ft long and 1 ½ inch diameter water pipe while walking, dude he's really big and yet I can see his fearful face as my pets approach him, he acted so scared and defensive, considering my dogs were on leash. Honestly, I got scared too, not for him but for my dogs, because at any instance the man could hit them with a pipe because his frightened, thinking the canines will instantly bite him. Well of course, dogs will not do any harm unless provoked. Frequently, people are the ones showing these loving animals the wrong gestures. Reminds me of King Kong, Joe Almighty, Willy the killer whale, and even E.T. they all suffer the same fate due to man's foolishness. I know its fiction but the acts of men were not. These things happen because of the negative perception, and wrong information gotten from an ignorant society particularly with canines. But I'm glad that many good informative sites are there on the Internet to resolve this issue.

Perhaps it's best for me to start educating you by giving a tip on “How to avoid being attacked by a dog”. It is true, dog attacks can be avoided. Most people, especially children are bitten by dogs because they wrongly interpret the dog's intention and they act the wrong way every time a dog approaches. Dogs rely more on their sense of smell rather than sight, therefore, have to come very close and sniff to assess something. Dogs will easily detect a passing or moving object and will mostly likely bark and growl to intimidate and instill fear in his foe then he will approach the person and get very close to scent what it is, this is the time when people usually get bitten, they thought that dog gets too close to bite, so instead of stopping and allowing the dog to sniff them, most people will kick out at the dog, do some harm and run. And this provokes the dog to retaliate and attack.

When you see a dog approaching you or even running behind you, is to stand totally still, do not move, and never talk or try to pat the dog. Some dogs may appear friendly but does not like to be touched. Wait for the dog to lose interest in you.

You can also bring some doggy treats with you, if you decide to go for a stroll where there are dogs you can't avoid. Food is what they love above all and it will surely lure him away by dropping the treats on the ground and remaining still. Do not extend your hand to feed the dog. Also please remember that dogs do not like to be stared at, so keep your eyes off the dog directly. Staring is a challenge of dominance and they see it as a threat.

In case you are knocked to the ground by a dog, Do not attempt to stand up, lie totally still, roll yourself up into a fetal position and stay calm. The dog will attempt to challenge you, and if you try to get back up , it will only result in the dog trying to pull you back down and it may result to a vicious attack.

I will not take responsibility for the injuries incurred to you or your dog as the result of the informative tip presented here. Just stay out of the dog streets.

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My Dog Doctor (Therapeutic Human Dog Bond)

Life is so tough these days. Everyday we face a new challenge to survive life’s difficulties and the damaging stress caused by it. There are moments we feel anxious, lonely, and emotionally depressed influenced by so many factors. But exactly how do you deal with it? Some people will find time to relax, go out with friends, enjoy and have fun to cope up with the pressures of life. Well, I’m one of the many stressed people who believe that owning a dog will make you feel better.
Many studies have proven the benefits of human animal bond. It has shown the link between a healthier, happier longer life and dog ownership. However, owning a dog is not necessarily a substitute for human support but it's an alternative way to express and receive love. Keeping a dog or any other pet can give you a sense of purpose and the feeling of being needed, a feeling that is most especially important for people who live alone and feel depressed. .
Simply watching our dog’s silly antics makes us happy and relaxed. When I see my dog looking at me with his big, adoring brown eyes together with his wagging tail, it surely brings a certain comforting feeling that takes away the daily life tension whether it’s related to family or work. With my dog around, difficult situations seemed to become more bearable. It surely decreases my feeling of anxiety and depression..
It is quite amazing how dogs choose to live with us, show loyalty and love for us no matter who we are, whether we are rich or poor, smart or dumb, young or adult. Dogs don’t care whatever status we have in life, they don’t live in vanity, a simple home, water and food and most of all love and care is all they wish from us. Dogs do not speak and yet they teach us to become better people, makes us feel confident, rare and special. It so sad to know that dogs can’t live long like us humans and having a long term commitment with our dogs may not be possible, but surely every moment with them will be valuable and inspiring..
For now, I will say that my dog is my reliever of stress. A Dog Doctor indeed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dog Lover-Can you tell who's real?

I've been training and living with dogs for quite sometime now, if you were to ask exactly how long, well that would be 5 years I guess, I may not sound so impressive considering the length of time I’ve spent teaching and learning how dogs behave and how we interact. Even though, every minute and hour of it has always been worthwhile. I’m very passionate with dogs, no matter what breed. I don’t have any preferences nor been selective of them. Taking care of a canine is something I really enjoy doing, just never get tired of them. But what makes me do all these? Dogs play an integral part of my family, not merely for the contributions he makes as a guardian, watchdog, and pet companion, but because of his unconditional love for and desire to be with us humans. Dogs’ strong enthusiasm to be with people- evident in a happy bark, wagging tail, and a toothy grin, draws us close to them and make dogs special to us.

It’s easy to tell why people get carried away by the desire to own a dog, however, not everyone is suited to dog ownership. It requires a commitment of time, patience and money that can be difficult to meet with long working hours, school, and other social activities. Dog needs a lot of loving interaction such as playing, training and petting. Providing them food, water and shelter is not all it takes. A dog is a social animal that craves contact with his human friend.

I’ve seen and met people who claim they love dogs. But on certain conditions, they only like purebred, expensive looking, admirable, cool to walk, a perfect dog that will make them proud and outstanding as owners, not handlers. They love dogs, but do not like to walk them much, pick up their poo, bath them and train them. They rather hire maids to take care of these chores. It saddens me to know that too many dog owners more often neglect their dogs especially if it is a mutt or mongrel. At first, they love them as puppies because they are cute, cuddly and lovable and they put so much attention to them, but as their pooch grow older, owners tend to forget all the enthusiasm of loving & caring for their pets. Look around you, and notice how many stray dogs you see awfully thin,skin so unpleasant,unhealthy and messing with garbage food. I will not be surprised to know how profitable those unlawful gruesome business on selling dog meat,you don't have to worry about the demand,since there's too much supply roving around for free. So unfortunate for dogs so loving and loyal to his master and still thrown out of home.

So, before you bring home a dog, think about your lifestyle. Ask yourself “Am I prepared to make a lifetime commitment to a dog regardless of breed and level of health?” While the pleasures of a dog’s companionship are boundless, so too are the responsibilities. It’s not fair to a dog to take him in, develop a relationship, and then sell him, give him away or send him to a shelter because you’re unable to give the attention he needs. However, if you’re ready to share your home and heart with a friend of the canine persuasion, the warm feeling of unconditional love between you and your dog is enormously rewarding.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Finally after so many weeks of procrastination, the blog I've always been thinking and planning to make is here, though it needs some fixing so consider it as a work on progress.

While I'm writing this post, my dogs are so excited licking my face and hands reminding me that its time for their walk, its a good thing that I trained them to be patient, so I tell them to stay down, sit and wait, it really amazes me seeing them so obedient, sometimes I can't believe how I was able to train these lovely mutts that well, perhaps it's always been my extreme passion for them that led me to understand the craft of dog training and their behavior. This is the very reason why I created this blog, to share the thoughts , experiences, and fulfillment of a happy and loving dog owner and vice-versa. But most important of all is inspire people to become good,caring and responsible owner to their canine friends.
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