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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tips for Dogs Left Alone

It's really hard to leave our dogs behind especially if it's the kind of dog who loves to find genius and destructive ways to make himself/herself busy. It's a fact that most of us have to live and get along with the busy world spending a lot of time away from home, unfortunately our pets find it difficult to adjust. 

There are dogs that easily get bored, stressed, and suffers from separation anxiety, while others   seem content sleeping the rest of the day while you're away. 
But how do you know if your dog is unhappy when left alone? 
Here are tips, if you come home and found your furniture or things all chewed up, trash bin ransacked, pillows chewed to shreds, scratches on doors and walls, signs of dog urine and feces all over, and  worst of all got an angry call from your neighbors telling you that your dog howl or barks all day, well, these are just the few annoying things that say your dog is having a bad day being alone.

If your dog becomes destructive because of boredom, anxiety, depression or simply because he is alone and you're away, the best thing you can do is to keep him positively busy by giving your pet dog plethora of fun things to do. Doing so will help your dog to become more relaxed and satisfied .  Here are some tips:

• Hire a Dog walker or Trainer
• Leave your dog in a pet day care
• Leave plenty of exciting and fun toys for your dog (like puzzle toys that you can fill with treats)
• Give him lots of  active play before you go,it will surely exhaust his extra energy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Justice For Jack

  The story that I will share with you is the recent email that I just received from K9 Magazine. It is one of the most upsetting and heartbreaking news I've read and seen. This is a very cruel and heartless thing for a dog that the owner had done. Honestly, there are a lot of disgusting and bad dog owners around. A person who treats animals this way are just the kind of people who does not respect life and nature, and has no compassion. It's easy to imagine how bad the personality of these humans or should I say monsters.

October 14, 2010 (News from K9-Magazine)

Justice For Jack - Warning VERY Upsetting Story

‘Justice for Jack’ A facebook group entitled 'Justice for Jack' was started by a group of animal lovers in memory of a young dog who was named 'Jack' by staff at Whitehall Dog Rescue in Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Jack was left outside the gates of Whitehall Rescue sometime between the hours of 12am and 5am on Friday 17th September and it is thought he died during that time, having been left alone wrapped in a blanket, writes Maria Daines

Jack's extremely emaciated condition has shocked animal lovers, dog owners and indeed the general public world wide and it is quite obvious from the distressing photographs of the dog, taken after this death, that Jack had not eaten for weeks, maybe months. Now campaigners are demanding justice and in raising awareness of Jack’s story the facebook group has grown to over 20,000 members at time of writing.

Brian Wheelhouse, founder of Whitehall Dog Rescue, shared the heartbreaking story of Jack on his website and he has since been interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds. Media coverage is increasing slowly but of course in cases such as this, the faster bad news travels the sooner questions will be answered and animal advocates are hoping their campaign will help to prevent other animals from being neglected in a similar way.

A petition dedicated to Jack, calling for harsher sentences for animal abusers has risen to almost 5000 signatures. The campaign has been highlighted by a song entitled 'God Bless Jack' written and performed by UK singer/songwriter Maria Daines.
Maria and thousands of others are now wondering if a breakthrough can be made in Jack's memory which could help to protect other animals at risk of cruelty or neglect. To sign the petition or find out more about the 'Justice for Jack' campaign please visit the links below.

Justice for Jack' facebook campaign group
Jack's story, Whitehall Dog Rescue

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vixen- The Delicate Minpin

A month ago a friend asked me to train his cute and very little puppy, again it was a Micro Miniature Pinscher, her name is Vixen and was 6 months old at that time. This is my second minpin to undergo training, and since I had a good training experience with a Minpin before, I thought it's going to be easy but it seemed I underestimated Vixen, obviously she was far different from Tyson. It's not always true that same breed shares the same temperament or attitude. In some aspects it can be agreeable though it's not always the case and should not be followed as a basis especially in training, since it may require a different approach.

I can't say that training Vixen was difficult but I would truly say it was quite challenging. Although it took more than a while for her to learn the basic sit, still she made it happen and proved to me that she can be as good as any other trained dog.

Now I'm proud to present you Vixen in her very first training video.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dogs Make Us A Better Person

They say that a man who’s kind to animals is a kind person.  So does it mean I’m kind because I love dogs? Hahaha, well I’ll let my friends answer that. But seriously, I can say that owning and training dogs makes me a better person.  Many people thought that teaching or training dogs is very difficult; imagine communicating to an animal that obviously does not understand human language and then telling that animal to behave or do things that is socially acceptable and human in nature, this may not sound easy and very challenging but not impossible as long as your kind, patient and willing to understand and accept their needs as animals.  Remember that any animal pet such as dogs did not choose to live with us humans and yet we require and insist them to adjust to our human lifestyle & environment. And the sad and cruel part is people would cage them, put them on chains, send them to shelters or worst of all put them to sleep, if they fail to behave right or simply follow the human house rules.

This is exactly the case of a 2yr old mixed breed dog owned by a kid who used to love and play with his dog when it was still a puppy. I was shocked and sadden to find out that dog was put to sleep simply because of his biting behavior. I got a chance to interact with this dog when it was still 6 months old and I admit that the  canine somehow shows disrespect by suddenly snapping and biting but it didn’t took a while for the creature to understand that his conduct was unacceptable, so I was able to correct it immediately. Then I found out what and who causes the behavior, it was the kid and the rest of his companions, sad to say his family who made their pet behave aggressively, they hit and hurt the dog every time it commits a mistake, and sometimes the kid will annoy  him just for fun.  The dog became aggressively defensive and this behavior has become associated with simply people trying to approach him, thinking that humans can’t be trusted. The poor dog was a victim of mishandling, disrespect, cruelty from ignorant owners.

I was in anger knowing these things happen, I said to myself, I wish people can be as passionate as I am, become dog trainers and discover that it’s not always the dogs that we teach that gain knowledge from us, but  most of life’s lesson learned came from the compassion, respect , patience, loyalty, love from our dogs.

A positive reinforcement is not just effective for dogs but strongly for humans. If it’s easy for you to interact with your dogs, show goodness as your dog does the same, what more with humans.

Life is so simple and humans complicate it, a dog’s life is so simple and yet it’s willing to live with us in spite the conflicts of our nature.  I taught my dogs so many things, complex tricks that’s really amusing, but it’s nothing compared to what I learned from them.  I learned that teaching dogs applies to life. Be kind to people just like with your dog and most likely they’ll be kind to you, Be understanding and patient in teaching your dog as well as with everything you do in life and soon good things will come your  way, learn to respect life like you respect your dog and life will respect you.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog Facts & Trivia: Take time to know them.

Many people love their dogs but often take for granted the things they should know about their pets. Just the same, I thought I knew everything until these questions came out. Though I got 7 correct answers out of 13. Good thing I passed.

Here are few Dog Facts that every dog lover should know courtesy of

1. How many bones do dogs have in their body?
Dogs have an average of 319 bones in their bodies.

2. Can dogs be sunburned?
Yes they can – and light-colored dogs are especially susceptible.

3. What is the average lifespan of a small breed dog?
The average lifespan of a small breed dog is anywhere from 12 to 18 years.

4. What is the average lifespan of a large breed dog?
The average lifespan of a large breed dog is 7 to 12 years. As a general rule, the larger the breed, the shorter the lifespan.

5. What is the normal temperature of a dog?
Normal body temperature for a dog ranges between 100.5 degrees F to 101.5 degrees F. Normal human temperature is 98.6 degrees F.

6. What is the normal heart rate of a dog? How does that compare to a human heart rate?
The normal heart rate of a dog is anywhere from 80 to 120 beats per minute (depending on the breed/size of the dog). Most humans have a heart rate of approximately 60 to 80 beats per minute. A dog's heart beats twice as fast as a human heart.

7. How many vocal sounds can a dog make and how does that compare to a cat?
Dogs can only make 10 vocal sounds – as compared to a cat that can make about 100 vocal sounds.

8. How old was the oldest living dog?
The oldest living dog on record lived in Australia. He was an Australian Cattle dog named Bluey who worked among cattle and sheep for nearly twenty years. Bluey lived to the age of 29 years, 5 months.

9. How does a dog's sense of smell compare to ours?
Dogs have over 200 million scent receptors in their nasal folds compared to our 5 million.

10. Of all the dog senses, which one does he trust least?
Dogs trust their sense of sight the least.

11. Can dogs see in color?
Dogs do see in color – but mostly in shades of gray. They cannot distinguish between red, orange, yellow or green. They can see some shades of blue but blues are often seen as shades of gray.

12. How does a dog's sense of taste compare to ours?
Humans have six times as many taste buds as dogs. Most of a dog's taste buds are located only on the tip of the tongue. Dogs can detect sweet, sour, bitter and salty tastes. A dog smells rather than tastes.

13. What percentage of dogs are thought to be obese in the United States?
Approximately 25 to 40% of all American household pets are obese or overweight.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Benefits of Crates

Crate Training is just one of the many things that a dog should learn. As a trainer I always advise my clients and friends to let their dogs get used to a crate. Some of them may oppose to the idea because they thought that a crate is simply a cage keeping or treating their dogs like prisoners. Contrary to their belief, but a crate would do good than harm. A crate is more like a dwelling place that can just be a fashionable or stylish furniture that makes your dog very comfortable and secure.

Here is a very good piece of article that every dog owners should know. Thanks to our friend from for sharing this very helpful information,

The Benefits of Crates

When you are shopping for your new dog, there are some standard items that must always go on your list. A leash and collar, food and water bowls, and a bag of kibble are essentials, but have you thought about buying your dog a crate? Although you may balk at the cost of a crate, it is worth the expense.

Here are 5 benefits of crate training that will appeal to all dog owners.

1. Toilet training is much easier if you use a crate. Your dog will be very reluctant to toilet inside their crate, so will hang on until you take them outside. You can then give them lots of cuddles and rewards for going to the toilet in the right spot.

2. You can keep your dog confined when you aren't able to keep an eye on them. This is particularly useful if your dog likes to chew on your shoes!

3. If your dog isn't the social type, they will appreciate a quiet safe place to escape when you have a dinner party, or even just when your family is particularly noisy. Dog crate furniture will allow them to have their own space amongst the family room and not feel overwhelmed. Their crate will become a haven where they can go anytime they need some peace and quiet.

4. Going on vacation? Take your dog's crate with you and they will have a comfortable place to sleep that smells like home. You'll also be able to relax, knowing that they aren't damaging your holiday house while you aren't there to supervise them. If you prefer to spend your vacation in a tent, you will still find a dog crate very handy. Your dog won't get their leash tangled around the tent guy ropes, and they won't knock over your gas stove while you are cooking your dinner.

5. A dog crate is extremely useful if your dog has had an operation. After they have been neutered, they need to be kept quiet until their sutures are removed. This is easier said than done, because most dogs feel just fine within a day or two of their surgery. If you have a crate, you can force them to rest, and they won't be able to run around too much.

6. Some dogs just won't sit still in the car. They rush from window to window, and bark in your ear. If you are lucky enough to own such a dog, their behavior is enough to take your attention away from the road. Not only that, but if you turn sharply, you could find your dog in your lap with their head staring out the front windscreen. Keep yourself and your dog safe while you are driving by confining them to their crate.

Most dog owners will find at least one good reason to buy a crate, but when they bring it home, they will discover several more benefits that make their life easier. Look beyond that price tag and think about how a dog crate could be useful in your own household.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Allana & Storm - Our New Dog Buddies

It's fun and exciting to meet new dogs especially cute puppies that are so lovely and cuddly, a few weeks ago I got the chance to interact with two unique looking dogs named Storm & Allyana, and they are both handsome, pretty and quite healthy as well. Honestly, these are the dogs that I would immediately adopt without second thoughts, good temperament, fit and attractive.What I admire about these dogs is that they are mixed breeds and the gene combination came out well. The owners are so lucky to have them and they are indeed proud to show their pets around. I'm quite confident that the owners of Storm and Allyana are dog loving and caring people who always look onto the wellness of the their pets.

Meet Storm a 7 months male Chihuahua-Schnauzer mixed. This dog is so smart that it didn't even take a while for him to learn to sit and stay.

Next, meet Allyana, a very affectionate one year old female Shih-tzu - Border Collie Mixed. I love her Egyptian-Pharaoh Marking beside her right eye, so pretty and unique.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trick Tips - How I Taught My Dog To Fetch

Friends have been requesting me to make a post on how I taught Loki to fetch, and how long does it take for their dogs to learn the trick? Well, like I've said there are dogs that retrieve things naturally and all it takes is just a little polishing, however there are also dogs that are a bit challenging who requires more guidance as well as patience when teaching the dog and so obviously I would say that the latter will take sometime to learn the trick though its really possible. One thing should be kept in mind that all tricks start with the basics, it is important to establish a good foundation of the basic commands  before proceeding to the next level.

Before you begin training, it is best that you have already made a good bond with the dog, so your pet would respect you and listen to you. Also training should be fun for both. Avoid stressing your dog by spending too much time teaching the dog a command that he/she fails to obey, limit your session to 5-15mins, depending on how efficiently your dog enjoys the activity. If your dog stops paying attention consistently and starts playing around with something else you can stop the training and continue some other time. Don't expect your dog to master a trick or command over night, be understanding and patient.

There are various methods and training techniques to teach the command fetch, retrieve or whatever you would like to call it. And the video I made that would like to share is my  basic view of  introducing to a dog how to fetch.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fetch Command Comes in Handy

I like watching dog films, It's fascinating to see pets act and perform, especially when they do tricks that are really amazing. When I was a kid I dreamed of having a dog just like the ones in movies, a dog who can sit,stay,come and fetch things. At that time I have no idea how these commands can be possibly taught especially retrieving objects which I find very impressive and useful. I never knew that someday I'll be able to train and teach my dog the command I love most "Fetch or Get". but of course my dog went through a consistent training starting from the basics before he can actually do tricks.

Teaching the Fetch, Retrieve or Get command may be easy for some dogs who are natural retrievers, however, there are dogs that require more motivation and guidance, and owner teaching this command to his dog  need a lot of understanding & patience.

Fetching or retrieving is not only a fun activity but also a good physical and mental exercise for your dog.It's also one of the few interactive games that will reinforce your human-dog bond. Working on a good foundation of Retrieve makes it easy for a dog to follow a more difficult task. Imagine your dog retrieving your car keys, instructing him to get his leash or even carry a basket for you. It takes time to master the trick so it should not be rushed.

Here is a demonstration of what fetch, retrieve can do after Loki successfully mastered the command. I use the word "Get" instead.

You can also view  Loki's other related videos.

Loki's Training Exercises
Loki the Son of Pixel

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unhappy Dog Equals Unhappy Owner

This morning I met a man with two beautiful Labradors and just like everyone else whom I got to meet in a park started talking about their dogs/his dogs, likewise he spoke about good things as well as the bad things he experienced with his pets. At that moment I already felt that the man seemed to need help when he begun discussing the unacceptable behavior his canines exhibit, and I’m no longer surprise for I’ve heard these more than a dozen times. It’s always been that the dog is bored, stressed and suddenly became destructive. This Dog behavior issues can be caused by different things but more often it’s a typical case of an unhappy dog relationship with the owner.

As I listen to the man’s story on how he spends time with his Labs, it really turned out that the dogs were unhappy with him. Obviously, it was lack of time attending to his dog’s needs because he was too busy with his job which I do not blame. It’s just that, his dogs do not fit his lifestyle and we are talking about two large dogs that require social attention, physical and mental exercise. And again it is sad to say that the owner is the problem and not the dog. 

I’ve always been consistent on telling people that dog ownership is a long term commitment that requires sacrifice, patience, and quality attention. It’s the owner’s responsibility to attend to his dogs’ requirements not just food or shelter but lots of interactive time such as playing or simply walking him to make him happy. Keep in mind that a happy dog is a behaved dog and that makes us owners more than pleased.

Here is a link to a great article that I would like to share entitled “Is Your Dog Happy?” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. And learn some great tips and ideas to make your dog blissful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashionista Pooch - Dog Fashion Show 2010

Last June 13, 2010, Philippine Canine Club Inc. (PCCI) held it’s Annual Dog Fashion Show- “Fashionista Pooch 2010 at Music Hall in SM Mall of Asia. This is in line with the Independence Day celebration and which explains why most of the dogs came in their cutest Filipiniana outfit.  Well, certainly this is the kind of event I would not want to miss, and it’s a good thing I was able to bring Tyson-my Minpin student who’s single and ready to mingle.  We saw Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Pomeranians and some other breed participants, but no Mini Pinscher walked the ramp.  Tyson could have bagged several awards if he was able to join. Unfortunately, he cannot because he is a member of a different organization which PCCI does not allow. Well I guess it wasn’t his time to shine.  Though it was indeed an exciting and fun experience for Tyson,  not bad at all, with some fans and paparazzis around, Tyson still appeared like a celebrity that day.
Maldita, a five-year-old Shitzu, stands in front of a traditional style umbrella is the winner of the   Fashionista Pooch 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

TYSON: The High Spirited Mini Pinscher Dog

It's been a long while since my last post and many of my friends have been asking what happened in the past month? Well, I may have been busy with some other things but dogs will always be my passion, in fact I have a new dog student that is amazingly smart, his name is TYSON, a micro mini pinscher and his only 6 months old. I have fun teaching this awesome intelligent creature, he loves being trained, he follows and performs every command with so much enthusiasm and he's a quick learner. Most dogs enjoy the chance to interact with their people and as long as it is pleasurable, they can actually enjoy the training process. With Tyson it's more of a play than schooling, it only shows that he is happy with the activities and this is exactly what I want him to feel. Training a puppy is a delicate task,lots of positive reinforcements and avoiding situations that could imprint a negative outcome, it's a crucial stage where there's good opportunity for good and bad habits to learn and carry over in his adulthood.

I used clicker training in teaching Tyson, it is a positive reinforcement type of training. There is no punishment and the goal is to keep it fun and positive for everyone involved. (Read the related articles below, on Clicker Training Your Dog). Personally, I find this technique very effective in marking a behavior though I still  apply the conventional vocal praise reward method. The combination of two training process works best for me and Tyson.

I have video recorded a few sessions  of Tyson's training during the first week. And I'm proud to share what he has learned  in that short period of time.

Training your dog is a good way of building a relationship with your pet. Making your activities enjoyable and thrilling will keep the dog excited and interested in every session.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mari - A Loyal Dog

I just can’t forget the remarkable touching tale of Hachiko; I loved the movie so much that I have to watch it more than twice. And because I got inspired, I took the time of searching for other emotive dog films.

Here is a short video I got from youtube, Another tearful story of a Loyal and Heroic Akita.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dog Movie that made me cry - Hachiko

Over the years, dogs are continually stealing the spotlight in movies. In some films, they even take center stage.

In the precedent decade there have been loads of movies about dogs. I remember watching heaps of Lassies Adventure and Rin Tin Tin but the best vintage dog movie I liked most is Old Yeller. This classic motion picture is just among the best dog movies I’ve seen, including Love Leads the Way mixed in with bigger blockbusters such as Marley & Me and My Dog Skip. All these films  relate to the story of life-long friendship and loyalty.

But here is my most recent film I watched and really made me cry, the best of the best I've seen so far . A tender tale with a huge box office potential, Hachiko: A Dog's Tale is a tearful and wonderful film based on a true story that epitomized the remarkable bond that develops between one man and a dog. Loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love are qualities that have earned dogs the title of "man's best friend". One particular Akita dog named Hachiko or Hachi took these qualities to such an extreme; he has earned a place in the hearts of all people, and has kept that place for over sixty years!

This is a must see film. The movie is an American adaptation of a legendary Japanese tale.
The real story took place in Tokyo, Japan. The dog became a national treasure and a monument was even erected to honor him. The Bronze statue of the Hachiko still stands at Tokyo's Shibuya Station.
Hachiko may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The story behind the statue is one that has endured and continually warms the hearts of locals and tourists alike.
Read more about the real story of Hachiko

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