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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Dog Loving City in Ruins-Typhoon "Ondoy"

Marikina is just one of the ill fated places that “Ondoy “destroyed. It used to be one of the cleanest and progressive cities I’ve seen. I’ve known and admired the place for its passion and love for dogs. Marikina is a very dog loving community, an ambassador of animal welfare particularly dogs. An active participant and event host for Dog Shows, Exhibitions, and other pet relevant programs, and now, a dead city that would perhaps take years to recover and rebuild what it has lost.

It’s hard to imagine that the so clean & lovely city of Marikina that I visited a week before is now submerged in muddy flood, cars were piled up like matchboxes washed away from the garage and into the streets, elegant homes destroyed and ended like eerie caves, and what was even worse was seeing bodies already floating around, including the body of a 3-month old baby stuck in a car windshield!

“It is too devastating, shocking and horrifying!” These are the words you’ll hear from the people who is now in severe desperation and trauma caused by the tragedy that Typhoon “Ondoy” left them. Too many families are now suffering from hunger, sickness, and emotional distress. It’s a tragic fate. Billions worth of property were lost, but what’s most painful was the lost of a loved one. So now we pray that after this great tragedy, people will continue to move on with high hopes and in time return to their normal happy lives.


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