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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Beauty of Hybrids aka Designer Dogs

A male Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle mix).Image via Wikipedia

Have you seen or heard of a Goldendoodle, Pug-Zu, Goberian, and Alusky? Sure sounds like names of strange animals but if you’re not seriously in to dogs, you wouldn’t even know what they are. Well, those animals are Designer dogs or Hybrid dogs. It’s a cross between two purebred canines.

A Hybrid or Designer Dog is different from a mutt. Generally, a mutt is a mixture of multiple breeds of uncertain ancestry while designer dog has recognized purebred descent, and one knows precisely what it is. When you breed two different types of pedigree dogs, you can get a combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. It’s similar to making a cocktail drink when you mix pineapple juice with vodka you create the taste of bitter sweet liquor.

Cross breeding is like customizing, you want to create a mixture of your choice breed, so all the good qualities you admire from each dog would likely appear in your Hybrid canine. However, it’s not a guarantee that all the best characteristics you expected would emerge. Just the same with genetic health issues that comes with the package. It may or may not solve the inherited health problems that came from the stock. Although, Some people believe that the percentage of hybrids being healthier is pretty much higher than that of the purebreds.

And so, if you’re thinking of owning a dog, you might want to check the pack of Hybrid first. Who knows? It could just be the perfect dog you’re looking for.

Here are some of my favorite Designer dogs:

(Photos courtesy of


Cross between Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle


Cross between Basset Hound and Mini Schnauzer


Cross between Bulldog and Dalmatian


Cross between Chihuahua and Dalmatian


Cross between Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle

Friday, February 12, 2010

From Service Dog to SURFice Dog

Have you seen the inspirational YouTube video "From service dog to SURFice dog" yet?

Most people have shed tears while watching. They said that "it's one of the best inspirational YouTube videos ever, this is what YouTube videos should be, what a wonderful story, heartwarming, it's a tear jerker, have your kleenex ready, touching. It seems each person finds an individual message in it, and it touches them on many different levels.

And this is what dog blogging is all about, creating awareness, and inspiring more people. Thank you to for sharing this video.

Here's the link...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet My Padawan Siberian Husky - "ROWDY"

Meet my new Padawan “Rowdy” a 4 year old Top Notch Siberian husky owned by a very dog loving family whom I got the opportunity and trust to handle and give their handsome canine a refresher course in obedience training. Perhaps you’re wandering, why is he taking the training again? Did the dog forget what he learned? Or it is something else?

Dogs don't really forget, they just have a short attention span. Kind of like a young child. They are doing something one minute, and then something else gets their attention and they forget what they were doing before. Dogs have a great sense of smell, and that triggers a lot of memories. Dogs recognize people and their experiences with them because of that powerful sense, you just need to consistently remind them. However, there are cases that dogs tend to forget which can be a medical problem, because dogs can get something like Alzheimer's disease when they age, just as humans do. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome, as it is called in dogs, produces a cluster of symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's patients, including disorientation and confusion, memory loss and personality changes.

I know what you’re thinking, but definitely that is

A Siberian husky, the fast 1908 import from RussiaImage via Wikipedia

not our case. In fact, Rowdy is a fast learner and remembers the new things I just taught him. He is the kind of dog that every owner and handler would love to have and be proud of. Siberian Huskies are loving, gentle, playful, happy-go-lucky dogs who are fond of their families. Keen, docile, social, relaxed and rather casual. They are dogs with so much energy. Good with children and friendly with strangers, they bark little and love everyone, not a good quality for a watchdog though. Huskies are very intelligent and trainable, yet, they will only obey a command if they see the human is stronger minded than themselves. If the handler does not display leadership, they will not see the point in obeying. It takes patience, consistency and an understanding of the Arctic dog character to make training effective for the Siberian Huskies. If you are not this dogs 100% firm, confident, consistent pack leader, he will take advantage, becoming willful and mischievous. These dogs should not be left alone for a long period of time without a great deal of exercise beforehand. A lonely Husky or a Husky who does not get enough mental and physical exercise can be very destructive. And this is really the main reason why Rowdy has to undergo training again, to release all his stress, mental & physical energy that have been stacked for quite a long while. He needs to experience long hours of walk, giving him the liberty to explore what surrounds him, letting him play yet setting boundaries, limitations and still having full control of the situation. Obedience training is one of the best things we can do for the relationship between us and our dog. Obedience training needs to be looked at as a foundation to problem solving, and will teach you how to resolve most issues with our pet. Communication can be increased through obedience training, and enhanced communication is a necessary step towards having our dog abides by what we want. Teaching Rowdy the Basic Obedience Commands is not only a very good physical and mental exercise for him, but such activities will also redirect his natural animal behaviors to a socially more accepted manner.

Remember that the Husky is a sled dog in heart and soul. Siberian Huskies can make wonderful companions for people who are aware of what to expect from these beautiful and intelligent animals and are willing to put the time and energy into them.

Thanks to for the vital piece of information about Siberian Huskies

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