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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Raki" The Showbiz Dog

Merry Christmas! But it's not yet over, we can still feel the fun and joy of the season, in fact we are not done celebrating, it’s been a busy tiring week yet we really are enjoying it. Just yesterday, me and my family went to Tiendesitas to shop and visit the famous Pets village that showcases the most exciting breed of dogs and other pets for sale. It’s a very pet friendly spot and a lot of passionate dog owners go to the place not just to shop but to socialize with other dog lovers as well. During my visit in Tiendesitas, I got the chance to meet Gio Marcelo and his amazing Belgian Malinois Dog Raki”. Gio is a local showbiz personality who has an enormous passion for dogs, and that passion led him to become a successful professional dog trainer, together with Raki who seemed to follow Gio’s showbiz footsteps has made various TV appearances, like in ABS-CBN’s morning show “Umagang kay Ganda” and TV Drama Series “May Bukas Pa”. Raki also appeared in Dingdong Dante’s Movie “One True Love”.

Raki is a fully-trained reality, off-leash, companion and protection dog with excellent agility who can perform amazing tricks. He has perfect temperament and is impervious to all distractions and this is the result of Gio's mastery of the Art of Dog Training. You can learn more about Gio's Dog Philosophy and his services at

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