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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Time for Family - A Time for Dogs

If there are two things that I like or love being with most, that would be my family and lots of dogs. I enjoy spending time with my children, simply hanging out with them and having fun is a feeling of overwhelming joy. Every time spent with them is most worthwhile and quite relaxing, perhaps therapeutic in a way. And with dogs around, it really completes our day.

Talk about our attendance in a recent dog trick show held in a mall, I always look forward not to miss and bring my kids to such kind of events. I want them to appreciate and experience the fun and friendliness of the environment, it's a good place to get acquainted. You meet different people from all walks of life yet share the same interest, they all love dogs.

If pups need to be socialized with people, likewise children need to interact with dogs. The bond between canines and humans is zealous and precious during childhood, when playfulness, imagination and emotions govern

Kids need to learn how to love, care for, and respect other creatures like dogs. It teaches them a sense of responsibility.

The fact about exposing our children to pets is a Living Education.

So, next time you want to take your kids out for fun, perhaps you would like to check first for any dog related events or shows that's happening in the community. I guarantee, its most worth it.


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