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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dog Lover-Can you tell who's real?

I've been training and living with dogs for quite sometime now, if you were to ask exactly how long, well that would be 5 years I guess, I may not sound so impressive considering the length of time I’ve spent teaching and learning how dogs behave and how we interact. Even though, every minute and hour of it has always been worthwhile. I’m very passionate with dogs, no matter what breed. I don’t have any preferences nor been selective of them. Taking care of a canine is something I really enjoy doing, just never get tired of them. But what makes me do all these? Dogs play an integral part of my family, not merely for the contributions he makes as a guardian, watchdog, and pet companion, but because of his unconditional love for and desire to be with us humans. Dogs’ strong enthusiasm to be with people- evident in a happy bark, wagging tail, and a toothy grin, draws us close to them and make dogs special to us.

It’s easy to tell why people get carried away by the desire to own a dog, however, not everyone is suited to dog ownership. It requires a commitment of time, patience and money that can be difficult to meet with long working hours, school, and other social activities. Dog needs a lot of loving interaction such as playing, training and petting. Providing them food, water and shelter is not all it takes. A dog is a social animal that craves contact with his human friend.

I’ve seen and met people who claim they love dogs. But on certain conditions, they only like purebred, expensive looking, admirable, cool to walk, a perfect dog that will make them proud and outstanding as owners, not handlers. They love dogs, but do not like to walk them much, pick up their poo, bath them and train them. They rather hire maids to take care of these chores. It saddens me to know that too many dog owners more often neglect their dogs especially if it is a mutt or mongrel. At first, they love them as puppies because they are cute, cuddly and lovable and they put so much attention to them, but as their pooch grow older, owners tend to forget all the enthusiasm of loving & caring for their pets. Look around you, and notice how many stray dogs you see awfully thin,skin so unpleasant,unhealthy and messing with garbage food. I will not be surprised to know how profitable those unlawful gruesome business on selling dog meat,you don't have to worry about the demand,since there's too much supply roving around for free. So unfortunate for dogs so loving and loyal to his master and still thrown out of home.

So, before you bring home a dog, think about your lifestyle. Ask yourself “Am I prepared to make a lifetime commitment to a dog regardless of breed and level of health?” While the pleasures of a dog’s companionship are boundless, so too are the responsibilities. It’s not fair to a dog to take him in, develop a relationship, and then sell him, give him away or send him to a shelter because you’re unable to give the attention he needs. However, if you’re ready to share your home and heart with a friend of the canine persuasion, the warm feeling of unconditional love between you and your dog is enormously rewarding.


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