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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Lovely Evening with A Dog Loving Family

Few days ago, I was invited by a dear friend and schoolmate back in high school to join his wonderful family for dinner in their lovely home. I was so happy and excited to know that my friend Vanj and his family share the same thoughts and feelings as I do when it comes to dogs, and finally, I got the chance to meet their extremely beautiful and lovable pooches, Vanj owns five (5) good looking, sweet, and cute petite dogs, namely Basil the Basset Hound, Vina the Mini Pit bull, Shadow the Dachshund and I forgot the names of the Shih-Tzus, well I guess its kinda hard to forget the first two, who are the most entertaining ,and Shadow being the most popular when it comes to his behavior, lol.

I’m so glad to find out that there is such a family who really cares and loves dogs so much, who advocates real dog parenting. There are a lot of dog owners who claims to be dog lovers, but only a few I would say are authentic, and Vanj together with his wife Leah and children belongs to the most loving few. A family who is highly commendable for a job well done. Truly inspirational to others who wish to begin owning a dog friend.

Many Thanks to Vanj,Leah and the rest of the family for a very wonderful evening, I loved the gourmet, and of course I won’t forget the amazing dogs that I enjoyed having fun with.



  1. Hi Bro, some sad news. Shadow was diagnosed with Kidney and renal failure. This was 2 months ago. We thought we were gonna lose Shadow to the disease but somehow, he's still fighting. The disease has left him unable to use his hind legs and is only able to move around with his front legs. He's been on diapers as well since he got sick coz he's suffering from incontinence as well and no control in defacating. we also constructed a PVC made dog wheelchair for him which we patterned from a pic we saw in the internet while researching for a dog wheelchair. And he's also on medical maintenance of liver and renal supplements. What makes us even sadder is what the vet said that Shadow will at the most last for 2 more years. While walking him in the park, we were questioned by a fellow villager walking his dog, saying that we were only prolonging the agony of Shadow and we should consider putting him to sleep. Though we found his opinion quite offensive, we just kept our opinion to ourselves. For us, seeing Shadow trying to fight the disease, we feel that it would be best to make the most of the limited time he has. In jest, Leah told me that we should have replied to the guy who suggested of Euthanasia, (the guy is around 70 year old with a limp apparently due to a previous bout with a stroke)"Baka ho gusto nyo na magpaturok rin kase hirap na din ho kayo maglakad" which was really funny and wished that I would have told him that as a reply. We strongly feel that we are doing the right thing in keeping him alive, coz even though we see how difficult it is for him, we can see that he is fighting yet still a happy dog. I sure do hope that we are right. Your thoughts?

  2. Bro, I was shocked and saddened to hear what's shadow is going through, but I do respect your decision of keeping him till his last breath, It is really difficult to accept this kind of fate especially you are losing a love one, considering shadow is already a member of the family. But sometimes miracles do happen.

  3. Bro, shadow passed away early this morning. It's the first time for us to lose a loved one. Till now we are in tears, having difficulty sleeping despite being up all night last night sitting beside Shadow until his time came. does it feel this bad? I know we'll be this way for a few days until we accept what has happened.

    1. Bro I'm always deeply saddened by this kind of news, and I know exactly how it feels, somehow what you are experiencing is the same feeling when losing a human loved one, I know it's going to be hard though I'm sure in time you'll get thru with it.


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