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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Finally after so many weeks of procrastination, the blog I've always been thinking and planning to make is here, though it needs some fixing so consider it as a work on progress.

While I'm writing this post, my dogs are so excited licking my face and hands reminding me that its time for their walk, its a good thing that I trained them to be patient, so I tell them to stay down, sit and wait, it really amazes me seeing them so obedient, sometimes I can't believe how I was able to train these lovely mutts that well, perhaps it's always been my extreme passion for them that led me to understand the craft of dog training and their behavior. This is the very reason why I created this blog, to share the thoughts , experiences, and fulfillment of a happy and loving dog owner and vice-versa. But most important of all is inspire people to become good,caring and responsible owner to their canine friends.

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  1. Congratulations for making this blog, A very good advocacy about loving and caring for family dog members


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