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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unhappy Dog Equals Unhappy Owner

This morning I met a man with two beautiful Labradors and just like everyone else whom I got to meet in a park started talking about their dogs/his dogs, likewise he spoke about good things as well as the bad things he experienced with his pets. At that moment I already felt that the man seemed to need help when he begun discussing the unacceptable behavior his canines exhibit, and I’m no longer surprise for I’ve heard these more than a dozen times. It’s always been that the dog is bored, stressed and suddenly became destructive. This Dog behavior issues can be caused by different things but more often it’s a typical case of an unhappy dog relationship with the owner.

As I listen to the man’s story on how he spends time with his Labs, it really turned out that the dogs were unhappy with him. Obviously, it was lack of time attending to his dog’s needs because he was too busy with his job which I do not blame. It’s just that, his dogs do not fit his lifestyle and we are talking about two large dogs that require social attention, physical and mental exercise. And again it is sad to say that the owner is the problem and not the dog. 

I’ve always been consistent on telling people that dog ownership is a long term commitment that requires sacrifice, patience, and quality attention. It’s the owner’s responsibility to attend to his dogs’ requirements not just food or shelter but lots of interactive time such as playing or simply walking him to make him happy. Keep in mind that a happy dog is a behaved dog and that makes us owners more than pleased.

Here is a link to a great article that I would like to share entitled “Is Your Dog Happy?” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. And learn some great tips and ideas to make your dog blissful.


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