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Friday, June 26, 2009

"Weepet" A Dog Story

Hello, years ago I was eating on garbage and drinking water from street drainage. I have no home and practically sleep anywhere.

People disliked me , they never want me near their yard, they threw things at me just to drive me away, or even worst, hit me with a hard stick to keep out from their gates. They hated me so much. Can't blame them because I'm a stray dog or in local term "ASKAL", they always thought I have rabies, since I don't look so nice and really stinks so bad. I was so awful and unhealthy.

One day, I got beaten terribly by a ferocious Pitbull, sad to say his owner trained him to be a gladiator and did it to me on purpose.

All along, I thought the whole world hated me, but I was wrong.....because I found a friend.
I never knew that a person who is so extremely passionate with dogs regardless of condition still exists.

At first, I thought he is no different from the rest, who does not care especially with dogs like me...well, I was wrong.

He fed me, bathed me, cured my wounds and took me in, let me sleep under their shed. He trained me well and taught me a lot of tricks, and one thing I'm good at is "Retrieving". At the time he saw me, digging from trash looking for food and carrying a bag of garbage in my mouth, he already knew and strongly believed, I have the potential. Maybe he was right, because I'm a fast learner and I really made him proud.
All the while I knew my world will never change, but now, everything a dog would want in order to be happy surrounds me.

I found a leader, an alpha, a friend, with endless patience and compassion.

And now, I'm very happy that people accepted me, especially the children, who enjoys my company as their playmate. We play "fetch" and always have fun.

It's a wonderful feeling being cared and loved. And I promised to guard, protect, and obey them. Become a comforting companion till death....

Because they are my family.



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