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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Incredibly Intelligent Dogs

Have you heard of or seen a Mondioring or Schutzhund Competition? If you are a dog enthusiast who likes to see amazingly intelligent sporting canines or perhaps experience the thrill of the Dog Sports, I suggest you attend any of the events(You may visit the site for their schedules). I have been attending the Philippine Mondio Ring Competition for a couple of years now, and it is really fun and exciting to watch the different sporting dogs exhibiting their remarkable intelligence in various exercises such as obedience, guarding , protection, and agility. These K-9s are really awesome and I salute their trainers. I noticed that most of the dogs that usually excel in the sport are Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd Dogs. In my opinion, genetics contributes on how well these canines perform. Obviously these are the kind of dog breed suited for the sports. Just like in a Car Racing Sports, an ordinary vehicle is no match to a racing car that has an engine designed to drive tremendous power and speed. In the dog world, the kind of breed, genes, and training are accountable for its winning performance. You may be surprised to know that some of the dogs who compete in the sports were bred from champions to champions and they cost even hundred thousands of pesos. Definitely they are not ordinary dogs, they are raised to compete.

Is it possible for an ordinary dog maybe a mutt to have the traits of an excellent sporting dog? Perhaps yes, there maybe mutts who can equally display or even out star a mondioring or schutzhund champion canine, in fact there is a program which can enhance dog intelligence and that article I will share in my next post.


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