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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Best & Funniest "Play Dead" Dog Trick

Its quite amusing and entertaining watching flash videos from a site such as Youtube. One of the most popular medium so far in communicating with and reaching the whole world. Many things and personalities have been discovered and became famous simply because of their self made video flicks and documentaries that they've uploaded. I watch Ellen De Generes Show and one of the segment that I really love is the showing of incredibly amusing and sometimes funny videos their staff searched and gathered from youtube. The rating of the video is base on the large number of views and that what makes them popular.

I've been around the site frequently, since I have my own videos to check as well, trying to see how many views my dog have gotten so far, I just wish Ellen will get across those flicks someday, hahaha... Well, I don't know, because people will always look and vote for the best unless you have more than a million of friends to support it.

Well, this one heck of a video really made me insecure, the best and funniest "play dead" dog trick performance I have ever seen. Can't imagine how rich the dog and his owner will be in the next few weeks.

Check it out!


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