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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trick Tips - How I Taught My Dog To Fetch

Friends have been requesting me to make a post on how I taught Loki to fetch, and how long does it take for their dogs to learn the trick? Well, like I've said there are dogs that retrieve things naturally and all it takes is just a little polishing, however there are also dogs that are a bit challenging who requires more guidance as well as patience when teaching the dog and so obviously I would say that the latter will take sometime to learn the trick though its really possible. One thing should be kept in mind that all tricks start with the basics, it is important to establish a good foundation of the basic commands  before proceeding to the next level.

Before you begin training, it is best that you have already made a good bond with the dog, so your pet would respect you and listen to you. Also training should be fun for both. Avoid stressing your dog by spending too much time teaching the dog a command that he/she fails to obey, limit your session to 5-15mins, depending on how efficiently your dog enjoys the activity. If your dog stops paying attention consistently and starts playing around with something else you can stop the training and continue some other time. Don't expect your dog to master a trick or command over night, be understanding and patient.

There are various methods and training techniques to teach the command fetch, retrieve or whatever you would like to call it. And the video I made that would like to share is my  basic view of  introducing to a dog how to fetch.

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