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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Proper Dog Walk

Everyday, I never missed walking my dogs. As a trainer and handler, I'm fully aware of the benefits I get for my dogs and for me as well. I've experienced and proven that my pets behaved better, and easier to handle, however, doing the walk may not be simple as it seems, all the while you might think that you're practicing it the right way, and later on you'll figure out its all wrong, and your dogs start to rule over you. Dog walk is a ritual that should be done and followed correctly and consistently. It is so important to act and display the proper attitude of a pack leader in order for the dog to respect and obey you.

Here's an article that I like to share that explains in details of how Dog Walk really works. Well, I admit, sometimes I commit mistakes by letting my dogs lead their way. Giving them the chance to do so, just even once is true enough for a dog, to develop a breed trait of controlling and leading humans, and that should not be the case.

I strongly suggest you read the rest of the articles, because I really find them helpful in understanding and training your dog better.


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