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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Allana & Storm - Our New Dog Buddies

It's fun and exciting to meet new dogs especially cute puppies that are so lovely and cuddly, a few weeks ago I got the chance to interact with two unique looking dogs named Storm & Allyana, and they are both handsome, pretty and quite healthy as well. Honestly, these are the dogs that I would immediately adopt without second thoughts, good temperament, fit and attractive.What I admire about these dogs is that they are mixed breeds and the gene combination came out well. The owners are so lucky to have them and they are indeed proud to show their pets around. I'm quite confident that the owners of Storm and Allyana are dog loving and caring people who always look onto the wellness of the their pets.

Meet Storm a 7 months male Chihuahua-Schnauzer mixed. This dog is so smart that it didn't even take a while for him to learn to sit and stay.

Next, meet Allyana, a very affectionate one year old female Shih-tzu - Border Collie Mixed. I love her Egyptian-Pharaoh Marking beside her right eye, so pretty and unique.


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