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Friday, June 4, 2010

TYSON: The High Spirited Mini Pinscher Dog

It's been a long while since my last post and many of my friends have been asking what happened in the past month? Well, I may have been busy with some other things but dogs will always be my passion, in fact I have a new dog student that is amazingly smart, his name is TYSON, a micro mini pinscher and his only 6 months old. I have fun teaching this awesome intelligent creature, he loves being trained, he follows and performs every command with so much enthusiasm and he's a quick learner. Most dogs enjoy the chance to interact with their people and as long as it is pleasurable, they can actually enjoy the training process. With Tyson it's more of a play than schooling, it only shows that he is happy with the activities and this is exactly what I want him to feel. Training a puppy is a delicate task,lots of positive reinforcements and avoiding situations that could imprint a negative outcome, it's a crucial stage where there's good opportunity for good and bad habits to learn and carry over in his adulthood.

I used clicker training in teaching Tyson, it is a positive reinforcement type of training. There is no punishment and the goal is to keep it fun and positive for everyone involved. (Read the related articles below, on Clicker Training Your Dog). Personally, I find this technique very effective in marking a behavior though I still  apply the conventional vocal praise reward method. The combination of two training process works best for me and Tyson.

I have video recorded a few sessions  of Tyson's training during the first week. And I'm proud to share what he has learned  in that short period of time.

Training your dog is a good way of building a relationship with your pet. Making your activities enjoyable and thrilling will keep the dog excited and interested in every session.


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