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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dog Movie that made me cry - Hachiko

Over the years, dogs are continually stealing the spotlight in movies. In some films, they even take center stage.

In the precedent decade there have been loads of movies about dogs. I remember watching heaps of Lassies Adventure and Rin Tin Tin but the best vintage dog movie I liked most is Old Yeller. This classic motion picture is just among the best dog movies I’ve seen, including Love Leads the Way mixed in with bigger blockbusters such as Marley & Me and My Dog Skip. All these films  relate to the story of life-long friendship and loyalty.

But here is my most recent film I watched and really made me cry, the best of the best I've seen so far . A tender tale with a huge box office potential, Hachiko: A Dog's Tale is a tearful and wonderful film based on a true story that epitomized the remarkable bond that develops between one man and a dog. Loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love are qualities that have earned dogs the title of "man's best friend". One particular Akita dog named Hachiko or Hachi took these qualities to such an extreme; he has earned a place in the hearts of all people, and has kept that place for over sixty years!

This is a must see film. The movie is an American adaptation of a legendary Japanese tale.
The real story took place in Tokyo, Japan. The dog became a national treasure and a monument was even erected to honor him. The Bronze statue of the Hachiko still stands at Tokyo's Shibuya Station.
Hachiko may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The story behind the statue is one that has endured and continually warms the hearts of locals and tourists alike.
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  1. I had never heard this story before. Thank you for sharing


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