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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


As always, I share anything inspirational I read or saw on Facebook, especially about dogs, and this story is really heartwarming, the fact that we people can learn so many good things from dogs and one is  how to be kind and truly compassionate.

Lily became blind, her eyes were removed because of  a bizarre medical condition, but she's happy and full of spirit together
with her inseparable friend Madison also a Great Dane, who serves as her guide. The story became viral and I'm just one of the happiest person to know that both dogs were adopted from their shelter. Bless the people who do great deeds to animals and nature.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First?

As I was checking the different posts on Facebook, I got to like a very interesting and touching  post shared by one of my friends. I did not realize until now that the post has been around on the web, shared by many especially people who cares so much about dogs. And again I would like to repeat what others have been doing, re post it, for others to give it a thought and feel what this child had said and believed.

It tells the goodness of an animal and how we humans can relate, learn and follow.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dog Tricks Fun and Beneficial

Image from
Teaching dog tricks is a fun way of creating a solid bond with your canine companion and the best way to truly communicate with your dogs. Teaching and performing dog tricks does not only create  happy, confident dogs but it is also  an excellent exercise to stimulate and enhance their physical and mental abilities. A very good way for calming high energy dogs. Channeling your dog's energy  into something constructive and fun like trick training will reduce unwanted behaviors brought by stress, boredom, and frustrations.  Dog tricks can alter an undesirable behavior such as jumping up on guests and instead redirecting it to a dog that sits behavely.

Performing a dog trick in front of people, especially those who are nervous around dogs helps to ease their fear and makes it less threatening to them.  I've experienced people so afraid to pass our house everytime they see my dogs, but one time after seeing my dogs perform some tricks, they came over without hesitation and requested to see more.

Few months ago I introduced our adorable Shih Tzu puppy named KORBEL, and now here she is again with some new tricks plus another short video wherein Korbel plays the role of a witness on stand.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Merit for Dog Advocacy

Once again I was overjoyed by the plaudit I received from a group of people who believes in my advocacy. I am very thankful to eCollegeFinder for recognizing Paws N Bones as one of the Top Pet Blogs together with the 106 other pet blogs. Such appreciation and recognition will always lead us to our best in promoting love and care for our pets particularly with dogs which I believe to be one of the best creatures and God's gift to man.

Below is the email I received from eCollegeFinder


Congratulations! We’ve selected Paws N' Bones as a winner of eCollegeFinder's Top 107 Pet Blogs Award! Your blog stood out amongst stiff competition and is now featured on our site as a recommended pet resource for our readers.
So that you may showcase your achievement, we've created award badges for the Top 107 Pet Blogs to place on their websites. Please visit to find award badges, along with instructions on how to place the badge of your choice on your blog, including specific instructions for both Wordpress and Blogger blog platforms.
We're honored to present Paws N' Bones on Please view the alphabetical list of the award winners here:
Congratulations again on this accomplishment! We appreciate the invaluable knowledge that you are providing to our readers with your pet tips and know-how!

Brittany Behrman and the eCollegeFinder team

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extraordinary Dog named "KABANG"

This is an inspiring, heartwarming and incredible story of a very special and extraordinary dog.

Here in ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines, a female aspin dog (a Filipino mixed breed dog) named "Kabang"  has become an instant celebrity. Many people from far different places visit the Dog that became a superstar because of her courageous and heroic deed. They come to bring cash donations, food, medicines, vitamins and to even take their photos with Kabang who lost her upper snout when she sprung to save two girls from being hit by a speeding motorcycle.

The two girls were walking across Nuñez Extension one day in December unaware that a speeding motorcycle was bearing down on them. From out of nowhere Kabang jumped onto the path of the motorcycle.
Kabang lived but she lost her upper snout, which got caught in the spokes of the motorcycle’ front wheel.

The owner  Rudy Bunggal, the father of 11-year-old Dina and an uncle of 3-year-old Princess Diansing—the two girls saved by Kabang is very proud and thankful for having an amazing and wonderful family dog.

“Some people came bringing clothes, and a little money for us. We are so thankful. We did not ask for those things, but still we are thankful,” Rudy said

“I believe she was God’s gift to us,” He added.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Korbel's Cutee Pics

Pictures of my dogs really keep us happy simply by looking at them, it feels great to see images of our dogs who looks so cute and innocent. Most of us dog lovers keep a collection of pictures of our canine pets, and sometimes we are so much overwhelmed that we loved to share these pictures to the world for them to inspire people and to appreciate the amazing and wonderful gift that nature has given.

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