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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extraordinary Dog named "KABANG"

This is an inspiring, heartwarming and incredible story of a very special and extraordinary dog.

Here in ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines, a female aspin dog (a Filipino mixed breed dog) named "Kabang"  has become an instant celebrity. Many people from far different places visit the Dog that became a superstar because of her courageous and heroic deed. They come to bring cash donations, food, medicines, vitamins and to even take their photos with Kabang who lost her upper snout when she sprung to save two girls from being hit by a speeding motorcycle.

The two girls were walking across Nuñez Extension one day in December unaware that a speeding motorcycle was bearing down on them. From out of nowhere Kabang jumped onto the path of the motorcycle.
Kabang lived but she lost her upper snout, which got caught in the spokes of the motorcycle’ front wheel.

The owner  Rudy Bunggal, the father of 11-year-old Dina and an uncle of 3-year-old Princess Diansing—the two girls saved by Kabang is very proud and thankful for having an amazing and wonderful family dog.

“Some people came bringing clothes, and a little money for us. We are so thankful. We did not ask for those things, but still we are thankful,” Rudy said

“I believe she was God’s gift to us,” He added.

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  1. Superb! I wish Kabang will be able to get proper care and support.

  2. Wow - incredible story! Great work Kabang!


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