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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Dog Doctor (Therapeutic Human Dog Bond)

Life is so tough these days. Everyday we face a new challenge to survive life’s difficulties and the damaging stress caused by it. There are moments we feel anxious, lonely, and emotionally depressed influenced by so many factors. But exactly how do you deal with it? Some people will find time to relax, go out with friends, enjoy and have fun to cope up with the pressures of life. Well, I’m one of the many stressed people who believe that owning a dog will make you feel better.
Many studies have proven the benefits of human animal bond. It has shown the link between a healthier, happier longer life and dog ownership. However, owning a dog is not necessarily a substitute for human support but it's an alternative way to express and receive love. Keeping a dog or any other pet can give you a sense of purpose and the feeling of being needed, a feeling that is most especially important for people who live alone and feel depressed. .
Simply watching our dog’s silly antics makes us happy and relaxed. When I see my dog looking at me with his big, adoring brown eyes together with his wagging tail, it surely brings a certain comforting feeling that takes away the daily life tension whether it’s related to family or work. With my dog around, difficult situations seemed to become more bearable. It surely decreases my feeling of anxiety and depression..
It is quite amazing how dogs choose to live with us, show loyalty and love for us no matter who we are, whether we are rich or poor, smart or dumb, young or adult. Dogs don’t care whatever status we have in life, they don’t live in vanity, a simple home, water and food and most of all love and care is all they wish from us. Dogs do not speak and yet they teach us to become better people, makes us feel confident, rare and special. It so sad to know that dogs can’t live long like us humans and having a long term commitment with our dogs may not be possible, but surely every moment with them will be valuable and inspiring..
For now, I will say that my dog is my reliever of stress. A Dog Doctor indeed.


  1. Hey Jonard, you're absolutely right! They are great reliever of stress and a perfect example of unconditional love. My Chi, Jazzie, never fails to make me feel good. She's always happy to see me. Same feeling I have for her. She's such a sweety! I love her so much!
    Congrats to your blogspot. It's very entertaining and educational too. Keep it up!:)

  2. Thanks so much for the comment,Its highly appreciated.


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