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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dog Tricks Fun and Beneficial

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Teaching dog tricks is a fun way of creating a solid bond with your canine companion and the best way to truly communicate with your dogs. Teaching and performing dog tricks does not only create  happy, confident dogs but it is also  an excellent exercise to stimulate and enhance their physical and mental abilities. A very good way for calming high energy dogs. Channeling your dog's energy  into something constructive and fun like trick training will reduce unwanted behaviors brought by stress, boredom, and frustrations.  Dog tricks can alter an undesirable behavior such as jumping up on guests and instead redirecting it to a dog that sits behavely.

Performing a dog trick in front of people, especially those who are nervous around dogs helps to ease their fear and makes it less threatening to them.  I've experienced people so afraid to pass our house everytime they see my dogs, but one time after seeing my dogs perform some tricks, they came over without hesitation and requested to see more.

Few months ago I introduced our adorable Shih Tzu puppy named KORBEL, and now here she is again with some new tricks plus another short video wherein Korbel plays the role of a witness on stand.

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  1. This is a very inspiring post. I think teaching dogs 'tricks' is such a fun and engaging thing for both dog and owner.

    I'm interested on finding a selection of favourite tricks. I would love to know what your favourite is.


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