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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vixen- The Delicate Minpin

A month ago a friend asked me to train his cute and very little puppy, again it was a Micro Miniature Pinscher, her name is Vixen and was 6 months old at that time. This is my second minpin to undergo training, and since I had a good training experience with a Minpin before, I thought it's going to be easy but it seemed I underestimated Vixen, obviously she was far different from Tyson. It's not always true that same breed shares the same temperament or attitude. In some aspects it can be agreeable though it's not always the case and should not be followed as a basis especially in training, since it may require a different approach.

I can't say that training Vixen was difficult but I would truly say it was quite challenging. Although it took more than a while for her to learn the basic sit, still she made it happen and proved to me that she can be as good as any other trained dog.

Now I'm proud to present you Vixen in her very first training video.


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