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Monday, April 13, 2009

Does your dog belong to these Top 5 easiest breed for training?

The Top 5 Easiest Dog Breeds For Training: Is Your Dog One Of Them?

All dogs can be trained, regardless of breed. Although, there are some breeds that are really easier to train than most. Here is a list of my top five easiest to train dog breed.

5. Australian Shepherd: A very intelligent breed, they are fast learners and are very stable and almost never get defensive.

4. Doberman Pinscher: Considered one of the most intelligent breeds. With a strong play drive, this dog can do almost everything.

3. Border Collie: Belongs to the superb working dog breeds, they are quite sensitive and really smart. These dogs have an amazing ability to work with their handler/owner.

2. Golden Retriever: A wonder dog, fun to train and shows lots of patience, perfect for amateur handlers and trainers. Excellent workability. Popular service dogs.

1. Poodle: A really smart breed and very trainable, became popular as circus dogs. Poodles are amazingly rapid learners, teaching this breed to do tricks is fun and easy.

Consistency is a key to a Good Training

There's the saying " You can't teach old dog new tricks" but you can always practice and teach your old dogs old tricks. Does it really makes sense? Yes it does, a dog remains dumb till it gets older if you don't start with a simple old dog training exercise such as sit, down, stay or even come. And consistency with a patient attitude should be followed. Mastering the basics will lead your dog to a higher level of ethusiasm in learning new and advance tricks. Challenging your dog's intelligence will not only make your dog smart and behave but the reward of fulfillment as a trainer and owner is emotionally remarkable.

Here is video update of my dog Loki and what we do everyday before we go for a walk. For those who have not known, Loki is the son of my female dog Pixel who is also a trained dog.

Check this video

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