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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Proper Dog Walk

Everyday, I never missed walking my dogs. As a trainer and handler, I'm fully aware of the benefits I get for my dogs and for me as well. I've experienced and proven that my pets behaved better, and easier to handle, however, doing the walk may not be simple as it seems, all the while you might think that you're practicing it the right way, and later on you'll figure out its all wrong, and your dogs start to rule over you. Dog walk is a ritual that should be done and followed correctly and consistently. It is so important to act and display the proper attitude of a pack leader in order for the dog to respect and obey you.

Here's an article that I like to share that explains in details of how Dog Walk really works. Well, I admit, sometimes I commit mistakes by letting my dogs lead their way. Giving them the chance to do so, just even once is true enough for a dog, to develop a breed trait of controlling and leading humans, and that should not be the case.

I strongly suggest you read the rest of the articles, because I really find them helpful in understanding and training your dog better.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Agile Ladder Climbing Dog

Here is another Video of an incredible fearless dog that can climb almost anything. Not too many dogs can display this kind of discipline not even in the dog sports like Schutzhund and Mondio Ring. I'm sure the owner and trainer is so proud to have this dog,otherwise we won't be seeing this video. By the way the dog's breed is a Dutch Shepherd.

The Best & Funniest "Play Dead" Dog Trick

Its quite amusing and entertaining watching flash videos from a site such as Youtube. One of the most popular medium so far in communicating with and reaching the whole world. Many things and personalities have been discovered and became famous simply because of their self made video flicks and documentaries that they've uploaded. I watch Ellen De Generes Show and one of the segment that I really love is the showing of incredibly amusing and sometimes funny videos their staff searched and gathered from youtube. The rating of the video is base on the large number of views and that what makes them popular.

I've been around the site frequently, since I have my own videos to check as well, trying to see how many views my dog have gotten so far, I just wish Ellen will get across those flicks someday, hahaha... Well, I don't know, because people will always look and vote for the best unless you have more than a million of friends to support it.

Well, this one heck of a video really made me insecure, the best and funniest "play dead" dog trick performance I have ever seen. Can't imagine how rich the dog and his owner will be in the next few weeks.

Check it out!

A Lovely Evening with A Dog Loving Family

Few days ago, I was invited by a dear friend and schoolmate back in high school to join his wonderful family for dinner in their lovely home. I was so happy and excited to know that my friend Vanj and his family share the same thoughts and feelings as I do when it comes to dogs, and finally, I got the chance to meet their extremely beautiful and lovable pooches, Vanj owns five (5) good looking, sweet, and cute petite dogs, namely Basil the Basset Hound, Vina the Mini Pit bull, Shadow the Dachshund and I forgot the names of the Shih-Tzus, well I guess its kinda hard to forget the first two, who are the most entertaining ,and Shadow being the most popular when it comes to his behavior, lol.

I’m so glad to find out that there is such a family who really cares and loves dogs so much, who advocates real dog parenting. There are a lot of dog owners who claims to be dog lovers, but only a few I would say are authentic, and Vanj together with his wife Leah and children belongs to the most loving few. A family who is highly commendable for a job well done. Truly inspirational to others who wish to begin owning a dog friend.

Many Thanks to Vanj,Leah and the rest of the family for a very wonderful evening, I loved the gourmet, and of course I won’t forget the amazing dogs that I enjoyed having fun with.


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