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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dog Movie that made me cry - Hachiko

Over the years, dogs are continually stealing the spotlight in movies. In some films, they even take center stage.

In the precedent decade there have been loads of movies about dogs. I remember watching heaps of Lassies Adventure and Rin Tin Tin but the best vintage dog movie I liked most is Old Yeller. This classic motion picture is just among the best dog movies I’ve seen, including Love Leads the Way mixed in with bigger blockbusters such as Marley & Me and My Dog Skip. All these films  relate to the story of life-long friendship and loyalty.

But here is my most recent film I watched and really made me cry, the best of the best I've seen so far . A tender tale with a huge box office potential, Hachiko: A Dog's Tale is a tearful and wonderful film based on a true story that epitomized the remarkable bond that develops between one man and a dog. Loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love are qualities that have earned dogs the title of "man's best friend". One particular Akita dog named Hachiko or Hachi took these qualities to such an extreme; he has earned a place in the hearts of all people, and has kept that place for over sixty years!

This is a must see film. The movie is an American adaptation of a legendary Japanese tale.
The real story took place in Tokyo, Japan. The dog became a national treasure and a monument was even erected to honor him. The Bronze statue of the Hachiko still stands at Tokyo's Shibuya Station.
Hachiko may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The story behind the statue is one that has endured and continually warms the hearts of locals and tourists alike.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

How Old Is Your Dog?

Every afternoon I bring my dogs to the park, it’s a good place for them to play and socialize not only with other dogs but with people as well. It is where I get the chance to relax and meet new friends too. And as always we begin talking about dogs and more often they will ask this question “How old is your dog?” Followed by “How old would that be in human? Tough question to speculate, but lucky for me I did my homework. And this is what I learned from

The well-liked delusion is that a dog gets 7 years old each year; others think it's even 10. But the thing is canine aging is quicker during the first 2 years of its life. After the first 2 years the ratio settles down to 5 to 1 for small and medium breeds. For large breeds the rate is 6 to 1, and for giant breeds the rate is 7 to 1.

Example, at 10 years of age a Great Dane would be 80 years old while a pug would only be 64. (Please refer to the Chart)

But what if you've taken a dog whose age is unknown? Well, Vets have other ways to estimate dog's age like checking on their teeth, muscle tone, eyes and coat. You can read more about it at

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Legend of the Dog

Here is a very beautiful tale that is really worth telling our children. A story that will definitely open each one's mind and heart about the wonderful things that dogs do or did for us. We often take them for granted, and its about time we make a difference, by loving and taking care of them, making our dogs feel how important they can be to us.

(Photo via

by Elizabeth Hensley

It came to pass when Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise, they left behind many friendly beasts who felt sorrow at their banishment. In those days before the full effects of The Fall were felt, the beasts could speak with humans and the humans with the beasts. All said farewell to the two, each in their own speech, but Wolf was more sorrowful than all the rest. He was so sorrowful to see them go, to never feel the friendly hand of Man upon his neck or to hear Eve's gentle words, that he brought himself before God's Throne and made an incredible request.

"Lord I wish to go with them."

God looked down at His creature with surprise. "My Wolf, do you not like it in my paradise that you should wish to leave?"

The Wolf bowed his head, his golden eyes filled with love, "My Lord, I love your garden very much, but I fear for what will happen to the Humans outside the Garden. How will they find food? Who will protect them from demons and the terrors of the night? When they multiply upon the face of the Earth, who will watch to keep them safe,one from the other? Who will sing with them in the times of the night so that they may not forget the Awe that is in your Creation? Who will be their friend? Who will remind them that You still love them? I want to help them, God!

God put a gentle hand on Wolf's head and told him: "Before you decide to do this thing I must show you what your future will be and what will be the future of your descendants. Here is what humans will do to you and your seed:

They will not let you mate with the she wolf of your choice, Instead they will select your mates for you and they will breed many strange and twisted kinds of creatures out of your seed.

They will take away your freedom by chaining you up and fencing you in. For many ages they will forget how to understand your language. They will forget that I made you as I made them.

They will practice their medical techniques on you. They will often hurt you very badly.

Some Humans will kick your kind. Some will eat them. They will use your name and the name of your she wolf as an insult, and they will consider you unclean.

When a she wolf has a litter that the humans do not want, they will often kill them rather than find them good homes. Many will operate on you so you cannot have offspring. Some will torture you out of pure meanness.

They will put their collar and tags around your neck and deny you the very right to live should you lack one.

When they first go out into space, they shall send your kind up first, and they shall not bring them back down again alive.

All through history they will love you but they will also abuse you very badly. Think very carefully, Wolf, before you make this decision!"

As God told Wolf of these things, the vision, sound and smell of each torture passed before him so that he knew in his deepest heart of hearts that God was right, and there were tears in Wolf's eyes. "Lord it's horrible! But it is in me to follow them. I must go!

And there were tears in God's eyes, "Such loyalty I have not found in any other of my creatures upon the Earth! I will grant you your request and from this day forward I will also give you a new name. Because your loyalty, your endless love and your ability to forgive mirrors My Own loyalty, My Own endless love and My Own ability to forgive, I will give you a Name that reflects my Name. From now on your name will no longer be "Wolf" but "Dog." the opposite of My own Name, and in the time when all fallen creatures are allowed by my blood to reenter Paradise, you shall go forward and reenter before all others."

And then the Dog left the Throne of God and the Paradise of the Beasts and he followed humanity over all the Earth and to the ends of the stars. He loved them for all Eternity.
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