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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Merit for Dog Advocacy

Once again I was overjoyed by the plaudit I received from a group of people who believes in my advocacy. I am very thankful to eCollegeFinder for recognizing Paws N Bones as one of the Top Pet Blogs together with the 106 other pet blogs. Such appreciation and recognition will always lead us to our best in promoting love and care for our pets particularly with dogs which I believe to be one of the best creatures and God's gift to man.

Below is the email I received from eCollegeFinder


Congratulations! We’ve selected Paws N' Bones as a winner of eCollegeFinder's Top 107 Pet Blogs Award! Your blog stood out amongst stiff competition and is now featured on our site as a recommended pet resource for our readers.
So that you may showcase your achievement, we've created award badges for the Top 107 Pet Blogs to place on their websites. Please visit to find award badges, along with instructions on how to place the badge of your choice on your blog, including specific instructions for both Wordpress and Blogger blog platforms.
We're honored to present Paws N' Bones on Please view the alphabetical list of the award winners here:
Congratulations again on this accomplishment! We appreciate the invaluable knowledge that you are providing to our readers with your pet tips and know-how!

Brittany Behrman and the eCollegeFinder team

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