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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PACMAN: The Dog I Adopted from the Street

It has been past seven months since my father died, and if he still lives today, surely, he'll be very glad and amazed to meet the neglected dog I found in the street. My dad loves my dogs so much because he finds my pets very amusing. Sad to say he missed to see the most submissive and affectionate dog I brought in his home. Surprisingly, this dog who came out of nowhere, skittish, skinny, wounded, and infested with fleas, obviously showing all the signs of neglect, appeared to be a very kind, obedient dog.

I will never forget the morning walk with my two dogs when suddenly this awful looking pooch came to follow us, he was so persistent in spite the many times I tried to drive him away.  The dog was acting like he have known me for years, he's just there trying to get my attention, he continued to follow us till we got back home. I ignored the dog and thought that he would give up and simply go away, but I was wrong. The dog stayed and slept near our gate till the next day, so I thought of asking people from the neighborhood if they knew the owner of the stray dog, unfortunately no one claims. I was saddened to realize that the poor dog has really no home and obviously hungry and begging for food. And so I took and feed him, named him PACMAN and that started the beginning of a loyal and good friendship that was really meant to be. I was thankful that I found him because he can easily be a victim of an unfriendly & cruel environment.

Besides being submissive and loving, Pacman is a smart canine. It didn't took a while for him to learn the basics of obedience training. All he asks is praise and a loving touch to his face every time he follows a command, gestures that he was certainly deprived of.

The most important thing that Pacman does besides being a pet & watchdog is a consoling and affectionate loyal companion to my widowed mother. Every morning Pacman will bunt & sit next to my mom's lap  keeping her company.

I always believe that dogs bring happiness, love and hope to people especially to those in stress and in grief.

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  1. I've read your blog & saw Pacman's videos. He's so awesome! It's nice that your family gave him home & took care of him like he's your own. I hope your story will inspire everyone in your neighborhood to adopt strays that are longing for someone to love them. Kudos!


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