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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Big Dog Meets Small Dog - A Wonderful Friendship

Big Dogs and small dogs can they get along?  Small dogs are known for having a mind set of a big dog! And because more often these baby dogs show no fear on larger dogs, they tend to be provocative, such stubbornness  leads to trouble.

Because of our human nature, we act as protectors of our little dogs, often times we pick them up and hold them in our arms above the other dogs,  so they never learn proper greetings. This  deprives the dog to learn proper social skills with other animals and people. Of course, we do need to protect them. Whenever dogs are off lead, we should super­vise them closely. For safety, small dogs can be kept on a loose lead and be picked up only when necessary.  

However, if you have well behaved trained dogs that submit and can socialize with any dogs regardless of size and breed, then introducing your small dog will not be a problem but beneficial.

Here's a video of my two dogs, Loki a 3 yr old large mixed dog and Korbel a 2 months old Shih Tzu that shows how well they get along.

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  1. Ang cute cute ng puppy!!!! Naku matutuwa si kaeth pag nakita at yan talaga ang gusto niya. Pati kulay yan na yan! Pwede samin na lang?


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